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Minimum order = $10.00 please.
We ship on the same day or on the next business day!

Brewing: Most of our Vietnamese coffees are available in whole bean if you want to create your own grind for a home brewing machine of any type. When purchased pre-ground, the grind level is medium-coarse and is best used in a cone-shaped-filter drip machine, French Press or Vietnamese Phin Filter, Aero Press, or Chemex-style filter.

About our prices:

We keep our overhead so low that you can actually save money by buying better coffee. Here's how Trung Nguyen coffee prices compare to some other popular brands:

National brand:
- Peets Coffee House Blend
- Starbucks House Blend
- Green Mountain Coffee Tully's House Blend
Our coffees:
- Trung Nguyen Creative Two
- Trung Nguyen "Buon Me Thuot Special"

The above prices were accurate as of November 20, 2012, as listed on the company's websites.

Creative One (Culi Robusta) - click to learn more

Dark, strong, full-bodied and naturally sweet, can stand up to plenty of milk and sugar. A particularly excellent choice for iced coffee.

Creative One - Culi Robusta

creative one culi robusta coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam creative one culi robusta coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam

Creative Two (Robusta Arabica) - click to learn more

Blend of rich, bold Robusta and milder fragrant Arabica; one of our most popular and well-rounded coffees.

Creative Two - Robusta Arabica

creative two robusta arabica coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam creative two robusta arabica coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam

Creative Three (Arabica Se) - click to learn more

Select Buon Me Thuot Highlands Arabica. Se means "Sparrow", the name given to this indigenously developed varietal, grown only in Vietnam. A sweet, refreshing coffee with no bitterness. Floral and vanilla notes; extremely versatile.

Creative Three - Arabica SE

creative three arabica se coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam

Creative Four (Premium Culi) - click to learn more

Blend of culi (single, unsplit) beans of Arabica, Robusta, Chari and Catimor. Strong, deep, dark and complex.

Creative Four - Premium Culi

creative four premium culi coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam

Creative Five (Culi Arabica) - click to learn more

Hand-selected culi (single, unsplit, peaberry) Arabica beans from Buon Me Thuot Highlands for intense and complex 100% Arabica multi-source flavor. Fragrant, smooth, yet with a dark edge from the peaberries; a gourmet choice.

Creative Five - Culi Arabica

creative five culi arabica coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam

Passiona (naturally low-caffeine!) - click to learn more

Naturally low-caffeine selection of Arabica and Chari. Better than decaf! Comparable to black tea in caffeine content (about 1/3 the caffeine of regular coffee). Smooth, rich, low in acid but still brightly flavorful, Passiona is a favorite with our taste-testers and local customers. This is possibly the only natural (no decaffeination process) low-caffeine coffee in the world today, and it helps you reduce caffeine while enjoying a truly gourmet taste.

Available Ground only

passiona naturally low-caffeine coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam

Legendee Gold - Sang Tao 8 - click to learn more

Legendee Gold is a coffee created in the style of the classic Legendee, but with a new approach to taste and balance. Characteristics of this new coffee include an incredible natural sweetness --many customers who regularly sweeten their coffee like this coffee unsweetened-- and an acidity and aroma more typical of fine Arabicas than the original Legendee blend.

The Legendee family is one of the world's most famous branded coffees, and we are the only authorized distributor in the USA.


  • For whole bean, please see Classic Legendee below.
Legendee Gold

Classic Whole Bean Legendee - click to learn more

The original Legendee blend, with a higher percentage of peaberries and Robusta, and correspondingly darker flavor that ices exceptionally well.

Classic Legendee

  • Whole Bean, 250g

Gourmet Blend - click to learn more

Formerly known as House Blend, this is Trung Nguyen's famous Gourmet Blend of all four bean varieties, in two 250-gram foil vent bags within decorative boxes (500 gram total, 1.17 pounds). This is the traditional House Blend coffee served at over 1000 Trung Nguyen coffeehouses throughout Southeast Asia.

Gourmet Blend

  • Ground, 17.5oz (500g)
gourmet blend coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam

Buon Me Thuot Special - click to learn more

Considered a "Home Blend" in Vietnam, this special blend is a slightly milder version of the Gourmet Blend. We obtained a limited amount of this stock, usually not available for export, and for a time we were featuring it in several Western USA grocery store chains, including Winco. Since that time we have been deluged by requests for the coffee, which has a loyal following, so we are now keeping it in-stock permanently.

Buon Me Thuot Special

Premium Blend - click to learn more

The Premium Blend in the can is a popular home-brew Vietnamese traditional coffee, made using Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa & Catimor beans. Trung Nguyen adds natural flavorings to this blend; it is the only Creative Coffee that has an additional ingredients other than a small amount of oil traditionally used in the roasting process. It's a great coffee in perfect balance, and the flavors added (cocoa being one) are not detectable as added flavors; they seem to be very subtle.

We're sorry, but we cannot ship Premium Blend to military or non-continental addresses. Shipping Premium Blend is, in general, much more expensive than shipping a bagged coffee, due to the shape of the can. People who love this coffee often love the Buon Me Thuot Special, too. Why not try it today?

Premium Blend

premium blend coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam

Single-Cup Coffee Brewer - click to learn more
- Authentic Vietnamese café style

Although Trung Nguyen coffees brew well in regular drip coffeemakers and French presses, we also offer the Vietnamese-style Phin filter for those wishing to re-create an authentic café experience. Coffee is made one cup at a time in these single-serving brewers, usually over sweetened condensed milk, and results in an intense cup of strong, rich coffee.

Browse a variety of Phin filters in our Accessories shop!

stainless steel vietnamese coffee filter


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