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Passiona (naturally low-caffeine!)

Naturally low-caffeine selection of Arabica and Chari. Better than decaf! Comparable to black tea in caffeine content (about 1/3 the caffeine of regular coffee). Smooth, rich, low in acid but still brightly flavorful, Passiona is a favorite with our taste-testers and local customers. This is possibly the only natural (no decaffeination process) low-caffeine coffee in the world today, and it helps you reduce caffeine while enjoying a truly gourmet taste.

passiona naturally low-caffeine coffee by trung nguyen from vietnam

A rare and unique coffee, the low-caffeine Passiona is NOT "decaffeinated". That means no chemical processes, and no loss of flavor. Passiona has about 35% of the normal caffeine, which means it is actually comparable to many so-called "decaf" coffees, or about the level of black tea. This is accomplished not by artificially removing the caffeine, but by cultivating varieties of coffee that simply grow with less caffeine in them. The key component is the Chari (Excelsa) bean, a rarely-grown coffee that is difficult to harvest and process, but contains very little caffeine. The Chari is then blended with fine Arabicas to give added smoothness and richness to the flavor, and the result is one of our most popular blends.

During our taste-testing sessions, we found that people were purchasing the Passiona for taste even over its low caffeine. It has a stunningly rich and nutty/chocolaty taste that warms the palette and ends on a sweet note, with light elements of fruit. It's a great coffee and it's superb iced as well.

When you consider that coffee beans soaked in methyl chloride solution (also used in nail polish remover) can be labeled "all natural decaf" these days, you appreciate the fact that Passiona has NOT been "de-caffed". It's got all the flavor and none of the chemicals.

The Passiona is best brewed at a level tablespoon per cup. It works well in home drip machines, cone-shaped preferred, and French Press. We have an Italian restaurant here in Boston that serves the Passiona as a low-caffeine espresso, and their patrons have been very pleased with it. The Passiona survives a variety of brewing temperatures and methods to deliver unique taste, but we like it best brewed at low temperatures, and even cold-brewed for iced coffee. It remains our most favored cold-brewed iced coffee in our Farmer's Markets.

Cut your caffeine and find a new favorite coffee taste!

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