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Legendee Gold - Sang Tao 8

Legendee Gold is a coffee created in the style of the classic Legendee, but with a new approach to taste and balance. Characteristics of this new coffee include an incredible natural sweetness --many customers who regularly sweeten their coffee like this coffee unsweetened-- and an acidity and aroma more typical of fine Arabicas than the original Legendee blend.

The Legendee family is one of the world's most famous branded coffees, and we are the only authorized distributor in the USA.

One of the world's most famous coffees, the Legendee is a unique enzymatically-treated coffee that releases flavors bound in the beans and not released under ordinary processing. The Legendee product is largely regarded as the world's most successful attempt to produce a coffee with the balance and flavor of the famous Kopi Luwak, or Civet/Weasel coffee. Trung Nguyen worked hard on achieving a new balance of Arabica and Excelsa beans in this formula.

The Legendee Gold is now being packaged under the "retro" name of Sang Tao 8, or Creative 8. Trung Nguyen first become famous with the introduction of the Creative Coffee series numbered from 1 to 8. Over the years, they dropped the numbers for coffees 5 through 9, but now the Legendee has returned to its original name of Sang Tao 8. A coffee that please all tastes, It makes an excellent gift that is sure to impress.

Tourists to Vietnam often don't consider their visit complete until they have sat in a Trung Nguyen coffeehouse and tried the Legendee brewed by the single-cup Phin filters. We get a lot of comments also that the Legendee is more available here to buy on our site for home brewing than it is in Vietnam, and at a lower cost. The Trung Nguyen coffeehouses in Vietnam seem to consider it more of a trademark coffee for single-serve at the café than something people buy to take home.


  • For whole bean, please see Classic Legendee below.


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