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HANOI–Trung Nguyen Coffee Group Corp., Vietnam’s biggest coffee processing firm, plans to invest up to $80 million in expanding its operations in the Central Highlands. The plan includes a new cultivation model in Eatul area and the construction of a plant with a daily processing capacity of 300 metric tons of instant coffee in Buon Ma Thuot city, in Daklak province, within the next three years, spokeswoman Pham Thi Diep Giang told Dow Jones Newswires Wednesday.

Trung Nguyen is also working on a 10-year expansion plan to meet this rising demand, which includes steps to boost local production and developing a global network of distributors, Mr. Vu said. “We will upgrade existing facilities and invest $800 million in a new series of processing plants in Buon Ma Thuot city. Trung Nguyen aims to become the world’s biggest processor of coffee products by 2022,” he said.

Trung Nguyen currently operates four plants with a total processing capacity of 120,000 tons. The group will also launch campaigns to boost the average local consumption to 5 kilograms a year, from around 1 kg now. The group, which runs Vietnam’s largest franchise network of coffee shops, plans to double the number of shops to 100 next year.

In 1996 Trung Nguyen was a small business processing coffee in Ban Me Thuoc city. At that time, Vietnam had risen once again to be one of the leading coffee producers in the world, but almost solely producing "green" coffee (unroasted beans) that were sold on the commodity market. This resulted in no control over the final coffee quality or prices. The owners of Trung Nguyen saw that the future for producing gourmet coffee and being reasonably independent of the world commodity markets was to once again follow the best possible growing and processing techniques to produce a world-class coffee, and carry it through all the way to the packaged product. And Trung Nguyen became one of the leading coffee companies in Vietnam with a prestigious brand name, famous history and high growth possibility the next few years and exports its products to more than 60 countries, including major Asian markets such as Japan and Singapore.

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