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The Phuong Vy family moved to " the Land of The Kings" in Vietnamīs central highlands almost fifty years ago, making their home in the town of Buon Me Thuot. The soil in the region is particularly rich and anh fertile, with the climate ideally suited to coffee cultivation, especially in the neighboring Province of Duc Lak.

Inspired to develop their country after centuries of foreign occupations, the family entered the coffee business. In 1985, it initiated a " seed to steaming cup" plan covering the full spectrum of Coffee operations. In realizing this plan, Phuong Vy now cultivates, harvests, processes, distributes, and retails Robusta, Arabica and Culi coffees. The Phuong Vy Family also trades in semi-processed and processed coffees, anh currently exports to Korea, Taiwan and several European countries. Enjoyed in both Luxury hotels and tiny street-side cafes, Phuong Vy Coffees have also become aromatic necessities at countless family breakfast-tables. The Phuong Vy Family is proud of its coffee operation, and is ready to move its unique product in any viably contracted form to any place in the world.

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