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Vietnamese cafe iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk

Welcome to our Accessories Store! Here you will find everything you need to prepare your coffee and tea in any exotic - or simplified - way you might desire.

Interested in Vietnamese Iced Coffee? To brew your own strong, sweet, delicious Vietnamese style iced coffee, you will need one of our Vietnamese coffees, some sweetened condensed milk, and either a Phin filter or a French coffee press. Traditionally, the coffee is brewed in a Phin filter placed over a glass full of ice with a thick layer of condensed milk at the bottom. However, you can get a similar taste in a larger volume by brewing the coffee in a French press at 150% strength, and then pouring over ice and condensed milk.

Coffee Brewers

We have several options for brewing your coffee. Some of them can also be used for tea, as noted. They are organized by volume of coffee, so single-serving brewers are first and the large 8-cup French Press is last.

Single cup filter / brewer (Phin)
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Stainless steel Vietnamese single-cup brewer (called a Phin), 4 piece kit with instructions. This little filter is perfect for brewing a single cup of intense, delicious coffee in the traditional way (6-7 ounces, typically). When guests visit, use a separate filter and cup for each person and add sweetened condensed milk for the authentic coffeehouse experience. We now offer larger capacity Phins as well.

Stainless Steel Filter Set, 4 piece set with instructions:

authentic vietnamese coffee brewer just like they use in cafes
  7 & 8oz gravity

Sweetened Condensed Milk - for authentic Vietnamese coffee style

Traditionally, Vietnamese coffeeshop-style coffee is brewed from a Phin filter (shown at the top of this page) into a cup with plenty of sweetened condensed milk at the bottom. The milk is then stirred up into the coffee, but not completely, giving the cup a sweet finish.

Genuine Vietnamese Sweetened Condensed Milk, Longevity Brand - click to learn more

Longevity vietnamese sweetened condensed milk

Longevity vietnamese sweetened condensed milk

You might be familiar with American sweetened condensed milk, used to make caramel or pumpkin pies, but Vietnamese sweetened condensed milk is a little different. It is made with thick whole milk for extra creaminess, and as a result, lightens coffee much better than Carnation or other brands available in America.

NEW: Longevity Gold! The difference between the two varieties (Original and Gold) is quite subtle, but Gold has a higher percentage of cream. This gives Gold a distinctly buttery taste that complements the Vietnamese butter-roast very well.

Longevity Sweetened Condensed Milk, 14 oz can


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